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All heart attacks and most strokes are caused by a sick endothelium
Nobody  suspected  that  heart  attacks and  strokes might
originate with  the
arterial endothelium  (the inner lining)
until Dr.
Robert   Furchgott  ran a  series of arterial experi-
ments.   He   found  that   there  was   a mysterious   factor
causing the arteries to relax. He called it the
Derived  Relaxant  Factor
or  EDRF,   Dr. Louis  Ignarro
discovered that EDRF was,
nitric  oxide (NO), which the
endothelium produced  and  delivered  to  the artery
 Dr.Ferid Murad,  also  a  Nobel  winner, discovered
that the reason  nitroglycerin  pills were helpful   to  people
with angina  was that  nitroglycerin  caused a  massive  re-
lease of NO by the body.This relaxed the arteries, allowing
more blood flow,  which in turn,  eliminated  the pain in  the
chest. The researchers further  found   that  there  was  an
unknown signaling  system  between  the  artery  walls and
endothelium. Their discoveries led  to the 1998 Nobel
Prize for Physiology and Medicine. The key insight into the
heart attack and stroke occurence had been found.
About 60 % of all heart attacks happen without a warning of any kind.  If you are eating a normal
American diet, you are a candidate for a heart attack or a stroke.

Heart attack proofing yourself     Dr.  Caldwell B. Esselstyn,  Cleveland Clinic  More Info    

You can choose not to be a candidate by using some of the information these Nobel scientists and others have
discovered.  To make an informed choice, read on. Here is some of the key information and sources you need..

The coronary artery on the left was inoperable.  The patient, a doctor at the
Cleveland Clinic, went on a vegetarian diet. Shortly after going on the diet,  all
angina symptoms were eliminated .This is what happened to his coronary artery in
32 months. The results are clear. He is now fully functional.

The endothelium wants to get better.  Give it a chance.
Angiograms courtesy of Caldwell H. Esselstyn, Jr. M.D. - Cleveland Clinic
We know that diet is the key factor because:

1. Heart attacks and strokes are unknown in societies throughout the world that
are living on a vegetable based diet.
2. When populations, formerly on a vegetable diet, move towards a Western diet,
they start getting heart attacks and strokes.

3. For many years, the few doctor in the US who have used a dietary approach,
have had long term success helping patients to full recovery, even patients near
 Esselstyn  Ornish  Whitaker

4. The German WWII diet experiment in Norway and the Low Countries
 Esselstyn                                                                                    MORE

Over time, the endothelium becomes sicker and  more inflamed on a Western diet. .                           MORE
A sick endothelium, to protect itself, invites white cells into itself and the artery wall. When it does this, it
gives up its impenetrable quality and becomes like Velcro, to which everything sticks. Thus the artery walls start
collecting. Wall build ups occur. This leads to arteriosclerosis, hardening of the arteries and a progressive narrowing
of the arteries.         Source   
Cooke                                                                                                                    MORE   
The sick artery wall develops a condition somewhat like acne with boils: when a boil breaks, there is either a heart
attack or stroke.                                                                                                                                                    
Source  Sinatra
Surgery can be life saving in a crisis. It is not a cure. The underlying disease goes on if the sick endothelium is not
treated                                                                                                                                                                .
Source  Cooke   Esselstyn   Ornish  Sinatra   Whitaker
The endothelium wants to get healthy. Feed it what it wants and it will take
care of you - at any age!!

Your choice!

This website does not provide medical advice.  The website is for information
purposes only.

For medical advice, consult your healthcare provider
The arterial endothelium, which lines the arteries, plays the key role in
keeping your arteries healthy by doing five things:

1. It makes the artery walls like Teflon so that nothing can stick to them.
2. It receives signals from the artery wall requesting nitric oxide (NO).
3. It makes NO from the amino acid L-arginine.
4. It delivers NO to the specific artery wall in need of NO.
5. It repairs a sick or damaged arterial system.                                         
Source  Aird  Cooke    Esselstyn   Ignarro  Ornish  Sinatra   Whitaker

NO plays the critical role of keeping the arteries soft and flexible - which
allows the arteries to easily expand and thus pass more blood with less effort by
the heart.
Cooke   Esselstyn   Ignarro   Sinatra                                           MORE

L-arginine, as the basic building block for NO, must be available in
sufficient quantity if the endotlelium is to supply the requested NO.         
 Cooke   Esselstyn   Ignarro  Sinatra  

Our Western meat diet, which irritates the endothelium, is the primary
reason endotheliums get sick and inflamed although smoking, diabetes and
over weight are also very important factors.                                                      
Source  Cooke   Esselstyn   Ignarro  Ornish  Sinatra   Whitaker

It is far better to still be able to do
the things we have always enjoyed.