The ENDOTHELIUM Association
All heart attacks and most strokes are caused  by a sick endothelium

There is a knowledge deficit that resulted in nearly 800,000 deaths and a total medical costs in
the area of $500 billion last year. People do not know what the endothelium is, why they are
having heart attacks and strokes; or that they have control of this situation.  It is hard to under-
stand how we are really going address these  problems without a broad public knowledge of
the nature of the problem.

The Endothelium Association (TEA) is going to attack this problem.  It is an enormous task and
we will never see the end of the knowledge gap in our life time but we can make a start. We can
leave a legacy.

If you have any interest, I hope you will decide to give some of your time to what I hope will
become a class project. Talent of every kind is needed.  At this point everything: wisdom,
management, IT, legal, financial, etc. The first step is educating the media.  If you have any
experience or knowledge along this line, we need you now.  It can be fun and it is very
important. What better way can we still make a contribution to our world?

What would you like to do? We need you.
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