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All heart attacks and most strokes are caused by a sick endothelium

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African-Americans are having a heart attack epidemic.  There are about 50% more heart attacks in
the African American population than the white population and the rate of heart attacks in the white
population is epidemic too.  Much of this difference can be accounted for by both southern eating tradition,
poverty, smoking and excess weight. Through government subsidies and price supports, the nation has
made foods that are bad for us extraordinarily cheap.  Foods that are good for us tend to be expensive
because they get little government support.  Source   
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At least we now know that heart attacks and strokes are not inevitable.  They are primarily caused
by eating animal food products which irritate the inner lining of our arteries, the endothelium.  The irritation,
day after day, week after week, year after year leads to inflammation.  Inflammation leads to arteriosclerosis
that cause heart attacks and strokes. That leads to disability and death
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If you change your diet, you can save your life.  Every one with an inflamed endothelium may well be a
candidate for a sudden unexpected heart attack, and some 60% of heart attacks are sudden.  If you
change your diet, within as little as four weeks, you can heart attack proof yourself.  Source
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Our tongues are of no help to us in choosing the best things to eat.  Some recent research
demonstrated that foods, with
the right proportion of sugar, salt and fat, create an addictive
in us that is equal in strength to that generated by cocaine addition. We are heavily bombarded
by ads to start us consuming those foods.  Just look in the cereal section of any supermarket.  Where is the
oatmeal? What is the sugar content of all of those boxes on the shelves.   Source

Then in the next aisle over there are the beverages with fructose (corn syrup) added,  It is actually worse
than sugar because the body distributes sugar processing throughout the body, while fructose has to be
processed by the liver alone.  None of it is good. It is just degrees of bad to worse.  Source   

African Americans may have a genetic problem with generating L-arginine, suggests some of the
research by Dr. John P. Cooke of Stanford.  L-arginine  we have discussed  in some detail under Nitric
Oxide.  It is a key to arterial health..  Whether there is a genetic problem or not, it would be particularly
important for African-Americans to seek endothelial testing.  If there is any question as to the health of the
endothelium, then, to adopt a diet and life style to make it healthy, makes a lot of sense. The great
advantage is that while you heal your endothelium you also will loose weight and not even realize you are
doing so. The alternative foods taste great. You will feel better and look better too.  Most people, once they
are used to the diet, really do not miss what they are no longer eating.
Campbell   Cooke    Esselstyn  Ornish   Whitaker

We also need to develop local community help that will make it easier for those who are seeking to make a
change.  There is only one body per customer and we cannot trade it in.  If you give it a chance, there is a
great deal it can do to transform itself.

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