The ENDOTHELIUM Association
All heart attacks and most strokes are caused by a sick endothelium

Longevity - with health - is a blessing which we all desire and for which we all hope.  Hope and prayer are not
our only recourse.
 There is a lot that we can do with the application of knowledge.  More is being
learned all the time.  Of course, that is one of the challenges.  It is all too easy to get ahead of the curve with
the latest fad diet or pill.  When everyone is rushing to get aboard, perhaps that is the time to get off.  On the
other hand, some of the “new” information may be new to us but it is not really new at all.  Good information
and careful analysis are always a good thing. There are the basics: diet, exercise (get your heart rate up,
weights, flexibility, balance), do not smoke, alcohol in moderation and normal weight.  Source  

The plant based diet is one of these.  Today there are 4 billion people who are living on a plant
based diet.  They do not have heart disease or arterial based strokes.
 When compared to people on
a meat based diet, their cancer rate is minuscule.  Those plants are a storehouse of beneficial products,
which most of us on a Western diet, are not getting.

Exercise, both aerobic  which produces NO and endurance, and anaerobic(weight training), which
keeps bones strong and us able functional so that we can lead an active in life, is a  key, whether we enjoy it
or we don’t.  Deterioration sets in quickly if you do not. Flexibility and balance are both vitally important. Falls
are a leading source of terminal injury which you really want to avoid.  Balance training can help to prevent
that from happening.        Source   Cooke   
Esselstyn   Ornish

Meditation, whether a part of a religious devotion or secular pursuit, has a profoundly positive effect upon
your body’s nervous system. In the ‘60s, Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School documented this as
the reverse of the flight or fight response in his book, The Relaxation Response.  People with high blood
pressure have found that its practice brought their blood pressure down to normal levels.  I do it at leasr 30
minutes a day and it worked for me and can work for you.

Recently Dr. Ornish’s team at University of California, San Francisco Medical School have published the
results of an experiment in Lancet, the premier British medical journal that suggested that life style changes
and meditation may extend life.  At the end of our chromosomes there is an end cap  that extends out from
the chromosome called a telomere.  Experiments show that life seemed to be shortened as the length of the
telomere is shortened.
The length of the telomere is supported by an enzyme called telomerase.  
What is interesting is that life style changes and meditation seemed to support telomerase which
in turn supports the length of the telomere.
 This was recently reported in the British medical journal
Lancet.  Yogi Berra once said, "It ain't over 'til it's over"  Stay in the game.  Never give it up.

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