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All heart attacks and most strokes are caused by a sick endothelium
                                      MOTHERS AND CHILDREN

The greatest wealth is health” wrote Virgil some 2100 yeas ago. It was true then and it is true
now. Mothers want their children to grow to be healthy and happy adults but it is not easy. It is made
even more difficult by commercial interests that play such a powerful role in shaping our knowledge
of the world.  This is particularly true when it comes to food we buy and feed to our families.  For
example, we are continually told in ads that children need milk in their diet to grow healthy bones.
Well, it is simply not true.  In fact, as far back as the 1920s, some scientists recognized that this was
not true. .Children all over the world, who are lactose intolerant, grow to be perfectly healthy adults
with strong bones.  In fact, the best calcium source is the same source that cows use for their
calcium – green plants.  Source    

Another myth is that milk is good for you.  In fact, if you look at the scientific studies on milk you
will find that casein, the protein in milk is considered by some to be a carcinogen. This certainly is
the opinion of emeritus Professor Campbell of Cornell, who headed the research project that found
that cancer could be turned on or off by the amount of casein in laboratory animal’s food.  Casein is
a carcinogen.  Source

Read Dr. Robert Karadjian's chilling letter to patients on milk.  He reviews the recent studies
on milk and its safety.  He shows that milk is not safe for children and actually puts children at risk.

An animal product diet has a profound affect upon the hormonal level in a child’s body.  In
girls this means a higher level of estrogen which is associated with cancer.  A higher level of
estrogen causes menses to occur some three years earlier than it does for girls on a plant based
diet.  During her reproductive years, her estrogen level is higher than for the woman who is following
a plant based diet. Menopause is delayed three more years than for the woman on a plant based
diet. In addition, menopause is more difficult because of her higher level of estrogen.  
To repeat, a
higher level of estrogen throughout life is associated with a greater risk of cancer.   
Source   Campbell

Adolescence is never easy for children or parents.  The earlier it happens and the more powerfully
children are affected by their hormones, the more difficult the time.  
Delaying the start of the
hormonal rush and lowering the level of the hormone rush is in the interest of everyone,
children and parents.
 A child is less distracted and can more easily focus on their school work.  
The time of adolescence is shortened.  For many parents, even if there were no health benefit at all,
less time in the hormone driven turmoil of adolescence would make a plant based diet more that
worth while.   Source  

A meat and dairy diet makes no sense at all.  Were it not for the fact that our tongue likes meat and
dairy products, we would not have this problem.  However, our tongue, through our senses of smell
and taste, connects directly to our brain.  The tongue drives our behavior.
 Our thinking brain
needs to take charge.
 The endothelium has no connection at all to the brain.  All it can do is to get
sick.  However, if children are raised on a plant based diet and they know why it is a better diet,
there is a good chance that they will maintain it into adulthood. They can then live a longer full and
healthy life free of the arterial diseases and, very probably, cancer..
Campbell   Ornish

In our meat eating society, heart disease, cancer and stroke are epidemic.  They are the
three major causes of death. Yet these diseases are rare in plant eating societies.  The difference is
that the endothelium, the lining of our arteries, is a vegetarian. Every meat and dairy meal is a
source of irritation to the endothelium.  Constant irritation, over the years, leads to inflammation. The
endothelium, to fight the inflammation, starts a process that inevitably leads to the development of
arteriosclerosis. The arteriosclerosis in the arteries is the ultimate cause of heart attacks and
strokes leading to death.        Source   
Campbell   Esselstyn   Ornish

Most of us are concerned about the kind of world we are leaving our children.  Yet our demand for
meat today is causing incredible current and future costs.
 In 2009 the health care cost was   
$ 500 B and rising at about 10% a year while the global environment is being degraded.  The term

is used by one expert after another when you read about the impact of
meat eating on the environment.
Our children will have to pay the cost.  Global warming is now
affecting the climate and animal production is some 51% of greenhouse gases. The world is water
short and land short  Just look at some of the numbers in the Environment section.  

You can make a difference – in your life – your child’s life – and the kind of world your child
will inherit.

Any reduction you make in lessening your meat consumption will help your health, your environment
and your economy.  

Will you lead or follow?

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