The ENDOTHELIUM Association
All heart attacks and most strokes are caused by a sick endothelium

Volunteers, we need you.  The world is going in the wrong direction.  The epidemic continues here
is the US and nobody knows about the endothelium and what it does to protect us from heart
attacks, angina, strokes and peripheral artery disease. In China, with their growing wealth, their diet
has been moving from their traditional plant based diet to one that more closely resembles a
Western diet. This change has been studied by a joint Cornell/Oxford study since 1984.  They have
found that, in parallel with the dietary change,  a growth of stroke, heart attacks and other Western
type diseases.  It is a problem around the world. As Pogo, the cartoon character from the '50s
said,"We have met the enemy and they is us." It is a matter of  individual choice.  However, before
people can make the right choice, they have to have the right information.  To carry this message to
everyone, we need you.

In addition to the personal cost, there is the global warming, the pollution of air ,land and water.  
There is the degradation of our land by the cattle and the loss of top soil in providing animal feed.  In
a water short world, cattle use an enormous percentage of available potable water that could be
better used for human or plant agriculture.  US medical costs are unsustainable. The brutality of our
current animal raising practices shame us.

Do volunteer.  Your country need you and the world needs you.  Contact us via
Volunteers.  We need you
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