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All heart attacks and most strokes are caused by a sick endothelium

Heart attacks are the number one killer of women.  Yet it need not be.  You need
to know that a heart attack is not something that just happens to you. You,
unknowingly, cause your heart attack to happen.

Mother nature played a trick on us.  She has given us a tongue that likes the taste
of meat and fat while also giving us a vital organ, the
endothelium, that is a
vegetarian. The endothelium lines your arteries and is responsible for arterial health.
It is irritated by animal food products.  It takes a long time, but gradually, very
gradually, that irritation leads to leads to inflammation.  Source
 Cooke  Esselstyn

Inflammation leads to arteriosclerosis.

Arteriosclerosis leads to heart attacks, strokes, peripheral artery disease and
many other illnesses.

If you knew that what you were buying was slowly injuring or killing those you love,
would you change what you were buying?  Industry seems to think so.

The meat industry, the dairy industry and the seafood industry are all multi billion
dollar industries with money and political clout.  They silence critics. Scientists who tell
the truth about animal product foods are kept off government boards.  That is a fact.

Illustrative of their clout is the fact that contaminated food recalls are at the option of
the producer. The government cannot require a product recall.  How about that for
political clout! (The new 2010 food safety bill that just passed may have changed that)

These industries know that women do most of the buying in this country, particularly
food products.  Of course they do not want you to know that many foods are slowly
killing you.  Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year getting you to buy.

The best ally of these industries is our tongue. Our tongue is linked to our sense
of smell. Together, they seems to have a special liking for things that are not good for
us. Smell is critical. When you get a cold and your head is blocked up, food seems to
have no taste.  The reason is that taste has everything to do with a sense of smell.
Your sense of smell is the superhighway to the brain.

Down through the ages, eating meat has always been associated with "eating
 As we have gotten richer as a country, we eat more meat.  Meat
consumption per person has gone up about 50 lb. over the last 50 years to 230 lb.
Heart disease, stroke, angina, diabetes have also risen in China, as it has gotten
wealthier. The rise of meat consumption has paralleled the rise of angina, heart
disease, heart attacks, strokes, peripheral artery disease, etc.

The endothelium is not connected to the brain.  In fact, nobody even knew it
played a critical role in our health until the Nobel discovery work was done. There are
no natural endothelium advocates because you cannot take a pill to make it healthy.
Rational thought is really the only ally your endothelium has

All of the information here, of a scientific nature, comes from peer reviewed
literature. It is the best information available at this time.  
Of course, when you
have the amount of money the food industry has, it is always possible to create a
smoke screen or confusion.  The tobacco industry has done this for years and they
are still addicting kids - not so many as they did - but they are still at it. It is all about
the money.  The food industry is no different.  In fact, Dr. David Kessler, former head
of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), in his book, "The End of Overeating"  
showed that the right combination of fat, salt and sugar can make a food product as
addictive as cocaine. Millions have been made concocting these foods that make us
fat and that ultimately kill us.
Expect no mercy from the food industry. They want
your money.

This information can save the lives of you and your family.
Now for some facts
that you should keep in mind when you go to the supermarket.

Nearly everyone eating a regular American diet has a sick endothelium. The
sick endothelium wants to get better.  If you feed it a diet it likes, it  will recover, even if
you are very ill.  Many have been on the edge of death and have fully recovered.
 Esselstyn   Ornish   Whitaker

Food is also a key to cancer. Cancer, particularly breast cancer, is of special
concern to most women, as well it should be.  What you eat can have a tremendous
effect upon the development of cancer.  It has been well documented that diet can
turn cancer on and off by what is fed to laboratory animals.  Animal protein is the
culprit. Animal fats increase your estrogen level.  The higher your estrogen level, the
greater the probability of cancer. Do read the cancer section.  Source

A plant based diet has the benefit of raising the age of puberty by about three
lowering the hormonal level during a woman's reproductive years and  
lowering the age of menopause.  This substantially reduces the risk of cancer
because cancer is closely associated with the hormonal level.  Source

Osteoporosis is another major concern of many women.  Here we come into
conflict with another major industry, the dairy industry.  For years we have all heard
the promotion that milk helps to build strong bones.  It turns out that it is not true.  Of
course, the industry knows it.  This lie was documented back in 1920s.  

The fact is that animal protein of all kinds causes our bodies to become more acidic,
which our body does not like.  The body immediately neutralizes this acidic condition
with calcium.  Guess where the body gets the calcium?  You are right, your bones.
The calcium neutralized acid is excreted in your urine.  The more meat and dairy you
consume, the greater the amount of calcium in your urine. This is particularly bad
when you age and the body is no longer building bone as it once did.

Most of us have a few pounds we would like to lose.  On a plant based diet you will
loose weight but you will never be conscious of doing so.
 The weight just goes
away.  You will look better, feel better and you will have less of you that you have to
move around.   Source  
Campbell   Ornish

The animal product diet, which about 2 billion of us in the developed world
consume, threatens our existence on this planet.
What is happening in the rest of
the world is magnified in the US because we consume more animal products than any
other country.

1   The net effect of the gases emitted by animals add up to 51% of the total green
house gases. Their gas production, made worse by a diet of corn and soy feed are
much more polluting than CO2. Methane, a major portion of their gas production, is 31
times more polluting than CO2,

2.  Energy used for animal production is nearly as great as the energy used for the
transportation industry.  Source  

3.  Our world is increasingly potable water short. This is particularly true also in the
western part of the US. Cattle consume about 70% of our potable water. The scale of
the difference is amazing. It takes only 25 gal. of water to raise 1 lb. of wheat but it
takes 12,000 gal for a 1 lb. steak!   Source  

4. The number of animals we are raising is causing the destruction of pasture land
which will limit animal production. This also contributes to the further extinction of
many species of life.   Source   

5.  The demand for soybeans and corn for animal feed is so great that top soil in the
Midwest is being lost at an alarming rate. If trends continue, the land will no longer be
productive.  One of the world's greatest resources, built up over thousands of years,
will be lost.

6.  Pesticides and fertilizer runoff from the Midwest that go into the Mississippi are
polluting the Gulf of Mexico so that currently there is a dead zone the size of
Massachusetts in the Gulf.   Source  

7.  As consumers, we have been seeking lower cost products.  Producers have
responded with factory farms. We consumers never give a thought to what this means
in terms of the suffering of the animals whose bodies we consume. We are
accessories. Source  

8.   Animals are increasingly being raised in conditions that are so crowded that the
animals can barely move. They are fed a diet of corn a soybeans so that they will
grow faster. They can only be kept alive by feeding them massive amounts of
antibiotics. The agriculture industry uses about 70% of the antibiotics sold in the US.

9.   The Federal Drug Administration is very concerned by this promiscuous use of
antibiotics because this industrial practice is causing bacteria to develop into super
bacteria that cannot be killed by any known antibiotic. The FDA wants all drugs to be
administered individually by a veterinarian. (Were this to go through, it would greatly
limit the factory farm.)    Source   
Natural Foods

One final point, our animal product diet is a humanitarian disaster from which most
children recoil. They just do not like the idea of animals suffering. If we are honest with
our children, what can we say to them when they about the animals we are eating?

Any reduction you make in your consumption of animal products will help in every
category: your health, your economy and your environment.

The greatest wealth is health. This is an opportunity to live healthier and better life.

This website does not provide medical advice.  The website is for information
purposes only.  For medical advice, consult your health care provider.